Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Is Meditation and Why Should We Meditate ?

Meditation is a practice or method to unravel the mind from its conditioned state to the realisation of the way things truly are. You see through our lives from the very beginning we build up perceptions of things and the way things work that often are slightly or very deluded. We start to face things we do not understand through our ignorance and we suffer because of the confusion. Meditation is a tool we all can use and should use to gain wisdom and clarity to end all types of suffering for any being, yes any being. There are many different techniques to use when practicing meditation and we will be covering the most affective here on this site. Meditation is very simple to learn and simply life changing. With your continued practice in meditation you will become calmer, clearer and more and more insightful.

You will become much more tolerant and understanding with the world and yourself. Confusion, fear and doubt can be a thing of the past and you can just start living in the now instead of worry this, worry that. So i hope you enjoy this site and come back often to practice. May peace truly wash over you and anyone you come into contact with.