Why Learn Meditation

Why Should We Learn Meditation?

Hello my dear friends i hope i find you well. I want to explain to the best of my capability why we should learn meditation.
When we learn Meditation it helps us understand the roots (causes) to every thought we have and every emotion we feel. Once we understand the root we understand every aspect of why we do, what we do, why we feel and how we feel.
With this knowledge we can start to unravel and discard the negative thoughts and actions that cause us suffering in this life. Therefore we can go forward and be happy and the things that were holding us back will start vanish. You see when we can see the cause of something and are mindful of that cause then we must practice in giving up the cause. You see when we learn meditation we also learn how to control and understand the mind.
When we can give up the cause or root we no longer have the effect. You see when we suffer or have negative emotions we try to do whatever we can to make that feeling or thought go away. Sometimes we do this by trying to buy something for ourselves or maybe we will try to change the way we look or even do something bad to someone.
But you see the only way to truly cure or get rid of these unwanted emotions and feeling for good is to understand that to change we have to first change the mind. We can do this through wisdom gained from learning meditation.

Learning Meditation...

*creates a deeper capacity for loving kindness,
*helps you discover your true purpose on this planet,
*provides peace of mind and lasting happiness,
*enables a fuller understanding of yourself and others,
*helps you understand and control the symptoms of anxiety and panic,
*helps to prevent illness and promotes well-being,
*solves the problem of stress and constant worry,
*by training in meditation we create an inner space and clarity that enables us to fully control our mind...
*cultivates a deep wisdom and insight that gives clarity that has no boundaries,

I hope you can fully understand the reasons why we should learn meditation especially in this technological age.

Watch this video titled "Learn Meditation - be wise" and investigate the messages that are in the video. See if they make sense to you. Watch this video here or at youtube by clicking the link above.