Saturday, June 18, 2011

The universe has no perceptions.

When you feel torment inside and can only think about how unhappy you feel, Please look at the sky, Then contemplate your size to the scale of the universe, Then contemplate your problem and try to compare your problem to the size of the sky then the universe. You are connected to the whole grand scheme of things but the truth is us humans take ourselves too seriously. Imagine that you are part of the whole universe. You would be a very small part would you not :)

The universe has no perceptions.

You are the universe. You are part of every living thing on earth in one way or another. The difference is with humans is the mind, we have a very powerful intelligent mind that if not trained can play tricks on us. Especially in todays day and age.

So when feeling low or inner torment try to at least analyse your feeling or your perception of the feeling, Try to see if it is important and serves your part in the the universes all connecting chain of events.

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